Employee loyalty

One of the biggest ironies of the fear of the loss of human jobs to automation and Artificial Intelligence is that human knowledge-based cognitive skills will become more critical to future success, not less. The real challenge for the future is the pending shortage of skilled personnel. Investing in people is the solution. But this is easier said than done.


Two issues of critical importance should be priorities in the Boardroom.


First, how do you attract the right talent? Why would people want to work for your company? Unless you understand this and can codify it, your recruitment process is nothing more than a revolving door, a stepping stone to better opportunities. This is costly and counter-productive.


Second, if you get the first challenge right, how do you then foster loyalty to your firm and gain commitment to an agile more innovative culture? Building an esprit des corps starts in the Boardroom and filters through to the bottom. This requires a coherent strategy that your people understand, buy into and feel they have a stake in its development and execution.


To meet the employee challenges of the Twenty-First Century businesses have to develop a real sense of purpose which employees feel they understand, own and through which their aspirations for the future can be met. The demand for agility means this is a journey, not a destination.


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