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Meet our team of pioneers, innovators and provocative thinkers.
Norman Lewis
Managing Director

Recognised worldwide as an authority on future trends, Norman’s work is focussed on customer-centricity and user behaviours with regard to technology innovation and adoption.


Formerly Director of Crowdsourced Innovation at PwC UK, Norman was also the Director of Technology Research at Orange UK.


He has also served in senior positions on numerous startups in the UK and USA. 


Norman is a co-author of Big Potatoes: the London manifesto for innovation.


He is currently writing a book on the wisdom of crowds and the future of expertise.


With an extensive background in freelance journalism and broadcasting,


Kirk is currently Executive Director of the European Animal Research Association (EARA). The EARA represents both public and private research organisations and facilitates collaboration across the European scientific community. Kirk has many years’ experience in government affairs, including the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry. 

Kirk also worked for the White House Writers Group, a strategic communications consultancy based in Washington, DC and founded by a group of former US Presidential speechwriters. 


Rob is a UK technology pioneer. His first start-up cScape Strategic Internet Services in 1997 was one of the first web agencies, which also incubated a number of other innovative companies. Rob has worked as Director and CEO for start-ups and digital consultancies and has a strong track record of leading businesses through commercial challenges. 


Rob is a regular media commentator on economic trends, including for City AM and BBC Radio4’s Moneybox programme. 

Rob is the CEO of the top digital agency ClerksWell and the founder and Director of EasySharePoint Ltd, a software design company specialising in workplace technologies.


Robert has more than 35 years of experience of the physical and financial commodity markets, including almost 5 years as Senior Executive at the London Metal Exchange. With a research background in mining and agricultural commodity research, then Rob moved into a base metal marketing at a number of institutions, most notably Scotia Capital. Robert set up and ran the commodity risk management team within Treasury for Mittal Steel and subsequently ArcelorMittal.


Robert has long been recognised as a global authority on commodity risk management and has far-reaching experience in helping companies to understand their risks and how to set up and run successful hedging operations.


Sasha is a media and digital marketing consultant with over 25 years’ agency experience. She has worked across the private and public sector on brand awareness and direct response integrated and digital campaigns utilising all media channels. Sasha has been based in London, Melbourne, Houston and Kuala Lumpur. Her specialisation is in digital research, strategy and design for enterprise & SME clients and she advises C-suite executives in both B2B and B2C sectors on marketing communications, channel marketing, go-to-market strategies, content, core proposition, advertising, user acquisition and the value of data. Sasha has previously held roles as CMO and Head of Digital Workplace for workplace technology firm EasySharePoint and is currently the Director of Strategy for the London Microsoft digital agency ClerksWell.


One of the UK’s most provocative thinkers, Frank is Emeritus Professor of Sociology at the University of Kent in Canterbury. 


A social commentator and author, Frank is a regular panellist on BBC television and radio and has written widely on social and cultural trends.


His studies investigate the interaction between risk consciousness and perceptions of fear, trust relations and social capital in contemporary society. 


His most recent book is How Fear Works: Culture of Fear in the Twenty-First Century.

Phil Mullan

Phil combines a wealth of experience leading innovative businesses with an understanding of the economic challenges and trends impacting the advanced industrial countries.


In the mid-1990s Phil became CEO of the ground-breaking internet services and training company Cybercafé Ltd, which opened the world’s first internet cafe (Cyberia) in London in 1994. The company went on to establish outlets from Edinburgh to Tokyo. He also spent eight years in senior management at Easynet, the company that both built the network behind BSkyB’s broadband services in Britain, and also provided communications services to businesses around the world.

Phil couples business management with research and writing, primarily on economics.

He is the author of Creative Destruction: How to Start an Economic Renaissance and The Imaginary Time Bomb: Why an Ageing Population is not a Social Problem. 

Sheila Lewis

Sheila is a Management Consultant with more than 30 years’ experience. She has worked with two of the Big Four consultancies; KPMG and Deloitte.


Her focus has been on growing and changing not-for-profit organisations to meet developing contexts and improve performance. With substantial experience of advising on governance issues she is currently a Non-Executive Director and Trustee. As Chair of Development at Swan Housing she oversaw the successful establishment of the housing association’s own factory developing modular housing. 

Alan Hudson

Alan is the Director of Programmes in Leadership and Public Policy, at the University of Oxford. Prior to this, he was Director of Social and Political Science, in the Oxford University Department for Continuing Education.


He has wide international experience teaching and working with senior officials and executives from China, USA, Russia, Latin America, India, Europe and Nigeria. He is a member of the Sociology department of the University of Oxford, a fellow of Kellogg College, Oxford and of the Royal Society of Arts.

Bill Durodie

Bill is the Professor and Chair of International Relations, University of Bath, having previously held posts in Canada and in Singapore, as well as at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom and in the War Studies Group of King’s College London.


In 2014 Bill was officially invested as a Visiting Professor to the China Executive Leadership Academy Pudong (CELAP) in Shanghai. 


His main research interest is to examine the causes and consequences of contemporary perceptions of risk. He was an Associate Fellow of the International Security Programme at Chatham House for more than a decade.