By All Means Necessary?

#covid19 is a serious challenge impacting the elderly and the most vulnerable. We should look to protect these by all means necessary. Lockdowns and meltdowns will cost more lives than the virus itself.

It appears (in the UK context) to be like a 'Revenge of the Remainiacs'. "Take back control", people said. "Shut up and stay in", is the reply (aka "Run, Hide, Tell" in police parlance).

Eco-worriers too, who have long prophesied the doom of our temerity to lead our lives (as opposed to just being) swoon at clear waters and empty landscapes that no-one will see.

Media commentators and other information workers, who can readily work from home and let the kids play in the garden, see no contradiction in their reliance on those who have to continue delivering goods and looking after them.

And once it ends, there will always be the next 'big one' to worry about. So expect to see measures put in place now to continue in some form ... ad infinitum. The authorities accept that they cannot separate the virus's impact from the normal incidence of age related fatalities in any one year (500 000 in the UK).

Be prepared for them to crow when the numbers are kept low, as well as for backside covering chaff and blame when the public question why they all-but destroyed their own societies.