Robots vs Humans

Contemporary culture has taken a distinctly dystopian turn over recent decades. People flying around with jet-packs and the aspirational ethos behind that most famous split infinitive – ‘to boldly go’ – have been replaced by a growing backlash against technology. Now our technological marvels are seen as destroying jobs, manipulating the truth, encouraging tax avoidance as well as invading our privacy and causing 'addiction'.


But we have been here before. And not just once but many times. From the written word, through the printing press, the advent of television and video – all information technologies have been projected to dispirit and deskill. The opposite was always true as more jobs were created at higher levels in new industries that no-one had ever anticipated.

Aside from the contemporary excessive focus on the technologies of consumption over those of production, these debates invariably say more about how we view people today than anything else.


Going against the cultural zeitgeist represents an opportunity for those businesses who want to orientate towards the future. We can help you steal a march on your competitors by giving you the analysis and tools to give you the confidence to execute a bold forward-looking, and yes, high-tech strategy that will destroy your competitors. At the very least, having a business strategy that sees technology as a key asset, will make your business a place young talent will want to join.

If you want a more balanced view that contextualises contemporary concerns and can help you develop a technology and people strategy for the twenty-first century, contact us.


At the Institute for Security Science and Technology, Prof. Bill Durodie explored the contributions that the social sciences ought to make to security science and technology.

Bill Durodie speaking

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